Supporting our Urban Core

Gary Wegman is running for Congress because he believes we cannot afford the politics as usual that led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington which left so many in our region behind while people, small businesses, and entire communities fell through the cracks even as those at the top kept prospering.

Integral to correcting our course will be investing in our urban core.  As our next Congressman, Gary will fight for:

  • Increasing federal support and investment in education in our urban centers;
  • Supporting small business loans aimed at investing in our urban core;
  • Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help lower-income earners and families in urban and rural areas alike;
  • Investing in pre-kindergarten education as a proven solution to increase wages, income, and community investment;
  • Supporting HeadStart so children in urban, rural, and otherwise underserved areas start school ready to learn;
  • Expanding federal investment and grants for urban infrastructure critical to job recruitment and retention; and
  • Providing federal support for urban renewal and redevelopment funds and grants to update properties and facilities while providing affordable housing.

Serving on the board of the Reading Redevelopment Authority, Gary worked to successfully redevelop a brownfield site that resulted in new industry coming to downtown Reading and the creation of good paying jobs to support renewal in one of America’s most economically depressed cities because Gary understands that none of us succeed unless we all succeed.