The Trump/Smucker Agenda

Gary is running for Congress to take the tough stands that will move our country forward and elevate our region and our communities; but to accomplish that we must work together – we must all be willing to demand something better than just more of the same.

Gary is pro-choice; supports marriage equality, supports the social safety net, supports DACA, and will fight for comprehensive immigration reform.  Gary believes we must restore dignity in public service and in the White House if we are to maintain our democracy.

Gary stands for equal support to the American Citizens of Puerto Rico in the wake of the disaster from Hurricane Maria. This should include a mix of federal debt relief, emergency funding and structural support to renew the Energy Grid on the island.

Gary is not a career politician.  At 60 years of age, he brings expertise to Washington, and will work to get things done for his constituents.  Unlike Mr. Smucker, who is a career politician, Gary will bring his knowledge of the marketplace from his experience as a healthcare provider and a wine grape fruit farmer to the halls of Congress.  Gary’s service in Congress will be what our founding fathers had in mind when they designed our system of government.  Beholden to the needs of his constituents, and not to the whims of any special interest backers.