Jobs and Economic Investment

The only small business owner in the race for Congress, Gary is the only person running who has personally created jobs in our region – at his dental practice and on his farm.

Gary understands the difference a good-paying job can make in one life, in one family, and in one community.  He is committed to not only increasing the number of jobs in our country and in our region, but making sure a good day’s work earns a good day’s pay.

As part of his economic agenda as our next member of Congress, Gary supports:

  • Connecting our communities to the larger region – via highways and the information superhighway, expanding transportation infrastructure and broadband access alike;
  • Stimulus for highway and bridge construction, putting Pennsylvanians to work restoring our crumbling infrastructure;
  • Addressing college affordability and loan programs because education shouldn’t be a lifelong financial burden;
  • Providing federal investment in our community college infrastructure – including fostering public-private partnerships to develop community college programs that are industry and job specific;
  • Federal support for urban renewal and redevelopment;