The only medical professional in the race, Gary wants to fix our broken health care system and ultimately establish universal health care coverage.  It is time we speak truth to power, including to the health care industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Republican Congressman Lloyd Smucker voted for the TrumpCare plan that would have only made things worse, denying roughly 30 million Americans access to health care over the next 10 years.  Gary is running to defeat Smucker and make sure such a travesty never occurs.

Career politicians like Smucker have broken our health care system. They can’t fix it if they don’t understand it.   As a dentist in Reading, Gary has seen patients who lack the insurance coverage for important basic needs, such as antibiotics. He has worked out payment plans and discounts for those whose insurance failed to cover the necessary care. Gary understands our broken health care system because he has dealt with it  at every level.

Too many people in our region have had to make tough choices between rent or medicine, between paying groceries or seeing a doctor.

Too much of our money goes to insurance company profits and pharmaceutical company profits.  Gary will work to bring down the costs of pharmaceuticals in a responsible way and at the same time expand health care coverage to every American.

Gary will work to restore the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provided health care access to children in low income families – a program Smucker and his Congressional cronies allowed to expire, leaving millions of children nationwide – including tens-of-thousands here in Pennsylvania – without coverage.  

Gary is a leader with the Mission of Mercy – volunteering to provide dental services free of charge to poor and underserved areas of our state – because he knows that a healthy future is the foundation of a better future for all of our people.

Now, in a perverse effort to reward those with wealth, the Republican/ Smucker tax plan wants to eliminate the ACA mandate to have health insurance. Remember, everyone in America receives health care, but there is a question of how good it is and who has to pay for it.  As a health care provider for the past 34 years, Gary knows what a workable healthcare system needs to look like, because he understands what works for people, and what doesn’t.  Pennsylvania needs a health care provider like Gary in Congress, not career politicians, because Gary knows how to solve the problems with our healthcare system.   Gary is committed to working for everyone to have access to care, without fear of losing coverage due to preconditions, job changes, or having to go bankrupt due to unaffordable medical bills.  In the 21st Century, every American should have the “right” to healthcare.  This will be Gary’s signature goal as our 16th District Congressman.