Farms and Agriculture

Gary lives the values he learned on the farm growing up, in Lutheran Sunday School, and as a Boy Scout: hard work, fair play, and an equal opportunity to succeed.  Those are the values he instilled in his children raising them in Reading, the values he practices today as a businessman and farmer, and those are the values he’ll take with him to Congress.

Recognizing the important role our small farms and agri-businesses have in caring for our environment, and for all of our health with the farm-to-table ‘keeping it local’ movements, Gary understands that it is not the trans-national ag corporations, but rather our local ag economy, that needs federal support to be committed to maintaining our national food security.

Gary supports federal aid for farmers in Southeastern Pennsylvania to find solutions to a Spotted Lantern Fly Leafhopper pest that is causing serious damage and possible total losses to fruit grower plant stock and crop loss.

Gary will support the Farmers Market Promotion Program and the Local Food Promotion Program to expand market access, SNAP recipients’ access to fresh food, and encourage direct sales to local schools and hospitals with “Farm-to-Fork” programs that have a proven record of success.

Gary will work to bring consistent Cellular Service to the rural 16th District Farming Communities, because he understands that modern Combining and Planting equipment have GPS systems that rely on this access.

Gary also understands that the 16th District farming community wants immigration reform.  Recognizing that our farmers have worked hard to train and are pleased with their immigrant laborers, it is poor policy to lose them after only on season due to expiration of their work visas.  Gary will work to help craft a new immigration law that will address these inefficiencies in our immigrant labor policies that detrimentally affect our Pa. 16th District agricultural communities.