Environment and Green Thinking

Global warming is real.  It’s a threat to our economy, to our national security, and to our planet.  Intensified weather and increased droughts threaten commodity prices and can wreak havoc on communities when hit by unprecedented hurricanes and extreme weather.

We have a responsibility to preserve our planet from one generation to the next in a sustainable manner.  Conservation is more than just an issue for hunters and anglers, it should be an issue for all of us.  Gary opposes fracking in Pennsylvania and supports the Paris Climate Accord.  As our next Congressman, he will fight for federal support for investment in solar fields and solar offset packages so consumers can trade power back to the grid, reducing our national dependence on fossil fuels and simultaneously reducing our household electric bills.

Developing our renewable energy systems will not only be healthier for our environment, but it will lead to the higher paying jobs and a sustainable industrial base for our region and our nation in the 21st Century.