Budget and Taxes

The only small business owner in the race, Gary has balanced budgets, made payroll, and understands the relationship between incoming revenue and outgoing expenses.

As chairman of the Reading Parking Authority he oversaw public parking facilities, managing public resources effectively for the community to keep taxes low – a trait career politicians and Washington Republicans could learn from.  Gary’s efforts included reducing the on-street parking rates in the city, modernizing parking systems by installing kiosks to allow payment by phone, debit card, and credit card.  These efforts resulted in better efficiencies and public savings.

The current GOP tax plan overwhelmingly favors the wealthy while those who work end up with less.

Gary supports tax reform that doesn’t add to our national deficit. He doesn’t believe we should borrow against our children’s future to pay for tax cuts for today’s millionaires.

Gary supports our public school systems, and believes that the GOP Tax Proposal will be detrimental to our public education system.  This proposal is incentivizing the moving of monies and capital to private institutions, since the wealthy are being offered tax breaks to do so.    This is opening a new loop hole, not closing them as we have been promised.  Gary has no problem with the concept of specialized private education.  He believes that this expense, however, must be the responsibility of the family choosing that route, and not the American taxpayer.

Gary supports closing corporate tax loopholes – making corporations pay their fair share instead of exploiting the tax loopholes of the elite and off-shoring their profits.