About Gary

Gary Wegman is running for Congress because he believes we cannot afford the politics as usual that have led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington.  So much of our region has been left behind, while people, small businesses, and entire communities have fallen through the cracks.

The only medical professional in the race, Gary wants to fix our broken health care system and build on the progress made by the Affordable Care Act.  Career politicians have broken our system. They can’t fix it if they don’t understand it.   As a dentist in Reading, Gary has seen patients who lack the insurance coverage for their children and themselves. He constantly is working out payment plans and discounts for those whose insurance failed to cover their necessary care.

Too many people in our region have had to make tough choices between rent or medicine, between paying groceries or seeing a doctor. Too much of our money goes to insurance company profits and pharmaceutical company profits. 

Gary lives the values he learned on the farm growing up, in Lutheran Sunday School, and as a Boy Scout: hard work, fair play, and an equal opportunity to succeed.  Those are the values he instilled in his children raising them in the City of Reading, and those are the values he’ll take with him to Congress.

The only small business owner in the race, Gary has balanced budgets, made payroll, and he’s the only person running who has actually created jobs in our region – at his medical practice and on his farm. 

Serving on the board of the Reading Redevelopment Authority, Gary worked to successfully redevelop and renovate blighted properties, a brownfield site and support renewal in one of America’s most economically depressed cities because Gary understands that none of us succeed unless we all succeed. 

As chairman of the Reading Parking Authority, he oversaw public parking facilities and helped to manage public resources effectively for the community – a trait career politicians and Washington Republicans could learn from.  Gary helped to bring the Mission of Mercy – volunteering to provide dental services free of charge to poor and underserved areas of our state – to the City of Reading in 2018, because he knows that a healthy future is the foundation of a better future for all of our people.

Gary is running for Congress because Pennsylvania needs a Doctor and a Farmer to serve their needs in the US Congress.  With a willingness to take the tough stands  move our country forward and elevate our region and our communities; Dr. Wegman is ready to work together in Congress on behalf of his constituents to solve problems.